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Tips on how to maintain a healthy sexual life during your pregnancy

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

One of the most serious taboos that pregnant couples face is having an active sex life. Many anxieties and insecurities about this topic keep prospective moms and dads from experiencing one of the most joyful aspects of a healthy life: their own sexuality. Having an active sexual life is important for couples during pregnancy to avoid a long period of abstinence or separation. This helps keep your relationship strong during pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant and during sex, my husband would ask over and over again if it was hurting, because he was concerned he would hurt the baby. 😂 Would you like some advice for you and your partner on how to maintain your sexuality healthy and the flame blazing for the next nine months? Come check it out and take advantage of some of these tips!

Talk it out with your Partner

Talk to your partner about your concerns about post-pregnancy sex life and listen to what he or she has to say. Together, you can come up with a method to maintain your sexuality alive and healthy at this time. 

It's amazing how many issues a lot of conversation can resolve. To open the door to new experiences, you must learn to express your worries, anxieties, and doubts. COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY!

Try new sex positions

One of the situations that most bothers couples during pregnancy is the physical discomfort of the pregnant belly during sexual intercourse. To get around this natural "obstacle", there are some sexual positions that value the maintenance of pleasure for both, without being hindered by the presence of the belly.

During the pregnancy , we couldn’t do many positions we used to , because it became so uncomfortable for me and sometimes even painful .
Here are some suggestions for comfortable positions are: standing sex, squatting(with the support of your partner, cause that belly be heavyyy haha), puppy dog position, sitting, or the adapted traditional position (raising the woman's hips with the help of pillows). All these positions allowed us not to press the belly and not to hurt each other during sex.

Take the focus off your Beautiful belly

Men may find it a little difficult to adapt to their partner's new physical type, but some tips can be useful to make this process easier. A good alternative is to use indirect lighting, candles, or half-lit environments, which create a more sensual atmosphere. Wearing new lingerie can also help.
As time goes by, the presence of the belly will become natural in the couple's daily sex life.

Intimacy is not only about Sex

Use romance to spark the flame. Women are in a highly vulnerable emotional state during pregnancy, therefore it is essential that males are completely aware of the issues that can arise at this time.
To get past the female emotional state, try a little romanticism to stimulate sensuality in the relationship: pregnant women are typically more sexually attracted to partners who pay attention to their feelings and wishes.

Many people are mistaken in thinking that the only way to maintain an active and healthy sex life between a couple who are expecting a baby is through penetrative intercourse. There are other sexual practices that may be less uncomfortable for the pregnant woman and her partner, but equally pleasurable, such as masturbation and oral sex. Both practices stimulate the production of pleasure hormones and increase the feeling of well-being.

Make your sexual fantasies come true while pregnant

Perhaps this is the perfect time to put into practice that sexual fantasy you've had since the beginning of your relationship with your lover in order to spice up your connection. As you and your partner will be working hard to keep your sexuality active and healthy during pregnancy, there is nothing better than suggesting a sexual practice that is a bit different from your typical routine.

Don't forget, however, that the fantasy must be respectful of each individual's sexual needs, ensuring that both of you are comfortable in this new circumstance. When a couple is willing to live with sexuality throughout pregnancy, it is natural for them to be able to dispel the taboos and myths surrounding this topic, thereby advancing toward a more active and healthy sexual life. This technique is incredibly advantageous for the man, the woman, and the kid, who will be born into an environment of perfect harmony between its parents.

How do you maintained a healthy sexuality during pregnancy? Share your experiences with me in the comments!


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